Kate Middleton Pregnant: Keira Knightley Is ‘Over The Moon’

Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy has even got the A-list excited about a royal baby. Keira Knightley is the latest star to express her admiration for the Duchess Of Cambridge and her excitement over a little prince or princess.

Talking to Marie Claire this month, the actress said: “I’m over the moon about the royal baby.”

Aww. Though her next comment might rule her out for babysitting duties at Kensington Palace.

She added: “But I really can’t mount an argument in favour of the monarchy. Is that treason? Do I have to turn in my passport?” Umm…

Those of you who were hoping for a another big celebrity wedding had better not hold your breath for Keira’s nuptials. It doesn’t sound like she’ll be getting hitched to her fiance James Righton any time soon.

She told the magazine: “I could have six fake weddings. God, that would be expensive. We’re not really big-wedding types. I don’t need to have all that.”

It seems she’s happy enough with that big engagement ring. Check out the full interview in this month’s issue of Marie Claire. RM