Kate Middleton Pregnant: Ed Sheeran Wants “Rock’n’Roll” Baby Name

Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy has got us all thinking of baby names for the new royal baby, and Ed Sheeran has chipped in with a few ideas.

He’s definitely not going the traditional route, though…

Ed told the Daily Star:

“I just think it’s time for someone in the royal family to have a rock ‘n’ roll name for their kids. Call it Ziggy or Twig.

“This is the time, if there’s ever a time to do it, it’s now.  I don’t want there to be another name like Dave. But then Dave would be cool, wouldn’t it?

“Call it Twig or Oak Tree or PSY, even PSYmon…

“A lot of people have mixed views on the royal family, But me, I think it’s really cool. And as for Will and Kate, they’re in love and having a baby, it’s wicked.”

Queen Twig? King Ziggy? King Oak Tree? Er… While we’d like something a bit different, we’re not entirely sold on these ideas…

We wonder what Kate would think! BS