Meet The Actress Stepping Into Kate Middleton’s Nude Pumps

Kate Middleton has been in the headlines ever since she and Prince William went steady, but we’re yet to see her be portrayed on the big screen. While we reckon it’s only a matter of time before an A-lister scoops the role of a cinematic lifetime, it’s been confirmed that the Duchess get a taster of the limelight, as her character is set to play a key role in the upcoming Broadway play, King Charles III.

The play, which briefly featured in London, explores what will happen when the Queen is no longer the head of state, and what transpires when Prince Charles subsequently takes the throne. So yep, his royal daughter-in-law and the object of the public’s affections is guaranteed to be a pretty big part in the play. And the show’s producers and directors have already cast the lucky girl who’ll get to portray her.

The part has been awarded to 31-year-old actress Lydia Wilson, who recently opened up to WWD about what could be her career defining the role: ‘We [may] know that she has bangs right now, but we don’t know how she feels existentially as an outsider in this bizarre royal family. It’s really fun to imagine what she might be going through or how clever she must’ve been to thrive in this very restricted environment.’

While she’s not exactly a household name (yet, that is…), chances are you probably have seen Lydia’s face before – she was one of the star’s on Channel 4’s hit show Misfits, and has appeared in countless Brit TV shows along the way.

To further prepare for the part, Lydia trolled through hours of interviews given by the real Kate Middleton, analysing her character traits, any defining techniques with her speech, and generally getting her whole polished and effortlessly elegant demeanour down.

Commit the name to memory, because we could be hearing a LOT of Lydia Wilson in the not-so-distant future…