Kate Middleton Pictures Got Us In Trouble, Say Lawson

Kate Middleton stopped boyband Lawson in their tracks when they saw her for the first time. In fact, the boys were so in awe of the Duchess Of Cambridge that they began to snap away and take lots of pictures of her on their mobile phones, which got them into trouble!

Our new favourite band – consisting of Andy, Ryan, Joel and Adam – made the surprising revelation to Yahoo! at the Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards on Tuesday night. When asked who their favourite royal is, they gushed about Queen Liz.

Adam said: “After she jumped out that plane at the opening ceremony she was woman of my lifetime!”¬†

It appears this one likes the older lady, then…

They then moved on to their second crush,¬†Kate Middleton, saying: “We got told off for making too many photos of her, we were at a posh event and she was walking past and I was filming her and we made eye contact.”

Sounds like Prince William had better watch his back! RM