Kate Middleton Named ‘Britain’s Most Inspirational Beauty Icon’

Kate Middleton has won the crown of ‘Britain’s Most Inspirational Beauty Icon’ in a poll by the UK’s biggest online beauty retailer FeelUnique.com.

Fighting off stiff competiton from Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, The Duchess won votes for her understated glamour and perfectly polished beauty looks. With supermodel Moss coming a close second, editorial director at Feel Unique, Newby Hands, explained why the two English beauties were the top contenders.

“Kate and Kate represent two sides of really modern women and between the two of them they cover all style and lifestyle tastes,” she explains.

“Moss is more party and rock n’ roll, whilst Kate Middleton is more of a perfect wife and role model. Despite their differences they are both aspirational and fascinating. What was interesting was it was very equal, almost head to head with Kate Middleton just tipping the balance on popularity.” 

Siobhan McDermott, general manager of the online retailer, expands on the mum-to-be’s huge influence in the beauty market. “We have seen first-hand the ‘Kate Effect’ on sales of beauty products”, she says.

“For example, two years ago blonde shades were more than twice as popular as brunette tones. Immediately after the Royal Wedding we experienced a surge in brown shades and in particular, Kate’s signature Natural Dark Brown colour. It’s now our most popular shade and contributes to brown colours consistently outselling blondes by two to one.”

This doesn’t surprise us one bit. When it comes to natural beauties, Kate’s always had our vote.

By Robyn Munson

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