Kate Middleton Maternity Leave Start Date Revealed

Kate Middleton‘s maternity leave will begin on June 13, sources have revealed.

According to an insider, the mid-June date will mark pregnant Kate’s official break from work. After that, the Palace will be allowing the Duchess of Cambridge total time-out from her royal duties as she prepares to give birth in July.

“Kate has really enjoyed her job and wanted to work as close to the birth date as possible,” the source told The Mirror. But Kate’s history of pregancy-related illness has left the 31-year-old being treated with extra care, so her task of christening a cruise ship in Southampton June 13 will be her last “official solo engagement”.

“She takes her royal role very seriously and is looking forward to taking up her duties when her maternity leave has finished,” adds the insider.

It’s a good job K-Middy’s being given plenty of time off before her little bundle arrives, as the mum-to-be has admitted that despite having decorated the nursery already, her and hubby Prince William still have a big baby checklist to get through.

“Apparently babies have their own agenda and we have got a lot to do”, she confessed.

We just hope the hard-working royal manages to squeeze in plenty of Jeremy Kyle and Krispy Kreme munching among all of that baby business. We know we would…

By Robyn Munson

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