Kate Middleton Launches Her Own Fashion Line In This Week’s LOOK

Kate Middleton launches her own fashion line in this week’s LOOK and the best part about it is that YOU can afford it! But that’s not all you’ve got to look forward to in this week’s issue….

  1. The New Style Classics – 8 Wow Pieces That Every Woman Needs
  2. Kim Kardashian Is Devastated Over Kanye West Affair Claims
  3. Could You Be Suffering From Wrinkle-rexia?
  4. The £2 Sunglasses The Fashion Pack Love!
  5. What’s The Ticking Time Bomb In Your Relationship?

Wow! All this plus loads more fashion and celebrity news? What more could you ask for? Pick up your brand new issue of LOOK from newsagents today or download the digital edition here.

By Lauren O’Callaghan, 8th April 2013

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