Kate Middleton? Kids Prefer Vampires To Princesses!

Kate Middleton and princesses just aren’t as popular as you’d think with little kids, Pippa Middleton found out yesterday!

She threw a mock kids’ party to promote her new book Celebrate: A Year of British Festivities for Families and Friends yesterday, and that’s when a cheeky little girl confessed princesses just aren’t her thing.

Speaking to one of the children, Pippa said: “When you’re ten I bet you love pink, and princesses‚Ķ”¬†That’s when another girl interrupted, saying, “I hate princesses.”

Pippa laughed genuinely, and said, “I’d better not talk about that one,” before another girl pointed out she really liked vampires instead.

Who’d have thought the Twilight influence would overshadow Brit kids’ love for princesses? Kristen Stewart, you have a lot to answer for! BS