Kate Middleton Is NOT The Most Popular Royal

Kate Middleton might be our favourite when it comes to fashion, but it seems where royalty is concerned, Prince William is the people’s choice.

In a survey conducted by King’s College London and Ipsos MORi, Prince William has been named the most popular member of the royal family.

His grandmother Queen “candyfloss hair” Elizabeth came second, and Prince Harry third – with the Duchess Of Cambridge finishing in a measly fourth place.

Kate only received 23 per cent of the vote, just a smidgen ahead of her father-in-law, Prince Charles.

A spokesperson for Kings College said: “A lot of people would like the idea of William succeeding straight away. He is young and good looking and popular.

“I think young people can see something of themselves in William and Kate. They can see the monarchy looking more modern than it did beforehand.”

Don’t worry, Kate. You’ll always be our number one! RM