Kate Middleton In Mustique: Why The Duchess Took Her Family

Kate Middleton might be enjoying a relaxing babymoon with her family in Mustique this week, but it wasn’t always intended to be a big break for the entire Middleton clan.

In fact, insiders tell us that it’s the latest scandal with the Duchess Of Cambridge’s cousin Katrina Darling, which caused their mass exit from the UK.

Katrina has stripped naked for a controversial shoot in lads’ magazine, Loaded, and the Duchess is said to be feeling “upset and betrayed” by the shoot. Sources say that as soon as Prince William got word of the nude pictures, that he whisked Kate and her family away to escape the media storm that would surround them.

A friend said: “He was tipped off by a media insider that Katrina was going to be on Loaded‘s cover. William’s been really concerned about Kate in recent months since she has suffered from extreme morning sickness. 

“She’s on the mend, but she’s still fragile, and Wills obviously doesn’t want her getting stressed out by this latest scandal. 

“He saw how furious the palace were over Prince Harry‘s naked pictures last August so I’m sure he didn’t want Kate having to witness the wrath of the royals over this new incident. So he surprised her by whisking her away on this incredible trip.” Aww!

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