Kate Middleton In Labour: Inside Kate’s Royal Baby Birthing Suite

Kate Middleton is now in the early stages of labour at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington in the private Lindo wing, so while we all wait for the royal baby to make its way into the world, we thought we’d dish the details on Kate’s swanky birthing suite surroundings…

The 31-year-old Duchess of Cambridge will be delivering the royal baby in the very same maternity facility where her husband Prince William (and hot brother Harry) were born back in 1982, with the Lindo wing being a firm favourite of the royal family’s – Zara Phillips also arrived on the same ward!

And as for Kate’s royal baby birthing room? Well, we reckon the Duchess will be more than comfortable in her swanky surroundings… The mum-to-be will currently be resting up in her uflly kitted-out room with satellite TV, a radio, a safe, a bedside phone, full Internet access and a fridge (fully stocked with chocolate, we hope).

According to The Sun, a fresh bouquet of flowers will be delivered to Kates birthing suite every day and blackout curtains will be put up for privacy. Will, meanwhile, will be able to kick back in the room’s recliner while he waits for her and Kate’s exciting new arrival, or get some kip on the spare bed which will be supplied by staff should he wish to stay for the night. And with royal sources confirming that William’s expected to stay right by K-Middy’s side throughout the delivery process, we think he’s going to need it!

Kate will also have her choice of a daily newspaper each morning – not that we imagine a lady in labour is in any mood for a spot of light reading – and all meals are freshly prepared with tea and coffee provided for mothers and guests throughout the day.

Once the royal bundle’s here, Kate and Wills will be able to toast their new arrival with a glass of Champagne curtosy of the Lindo wing’s ‘comprehensive wine list’ especially catered for new parents. Chin chin!


A room in the Lindo Suite will be setting the royal couple back around £5,500, which is the cost of a normal delivery package, with an additional £1,000 charge for each extra 24 hours stayed. Additional consultant’s fees can then come to around £6,000, depending on the care required, meaning a two-night stay can rack up to more than £12,000. Crikey! Better get that cheque book out then, Wills…

The medical team assigned to deliver Kate and William’s first child will be led by Dr. Marcus Setchell, the Queen’s former gynecologist, who will be assisted by Dr. Alan Farthing, the Queen’s current gynecologist and surgeon.

When the little prince or princess arrives, an announcement will be made to the public and a notice placed on the gates of Buckingham palace will reveal the baby’s gender. It might, however, be a few days before the baby’s name is revealed.

And that’s that! Now we can all imagine we’re right there with Kate, helping with those breathing exercises and feeding her Haribo to help numb the pain… ahem. Sort of.

By Robyn Munson

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