Kate Middleton Has The ‘Most Desired’ Celebrity Wardrobe

Kate Middleton has something in common with Cheryl Cole, Fearne Cotton and Taylor Swift – all these celebrity ladies have wardrobes we’d donate our right arm for. 

According to a new poll, conducted to celebrate the release of the Panasonic Lumix XS1, Kate Middleton’s wardrobe is the one we desire most, with Cheryl Cole coming a close second. 

While we adore the Duchess Of Cambridge’s super-chic and elegant style statements, we must admit we’re a little surprised at the result. It seems that women just can’t get enough of the UK high street – and would pick bargain pieces over Rihanna‘s designer wardrobe any day. Hurrah.

New mum Fearne Cotton came third in the poll for her casual, off-duty dressing, closely followed by Taylor Swift and her preppy style, and Rihanna – who came in fifth place with her edgy, barely-there wardrobe picks. 

What good news it is then, that Kate is planning to launch her own clothing line! Check out this week’s issue of LOOK for the full story. 

By Rebecca Martin, 11th April 2013

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