Kate Middleton Has A ‘Great Pair’ Says Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has spoken about Kate Middleton‘s boobs in an interview with the Sunday Times’ Style magazine today.

In a comment that will make your jaw drop to the floor, Cheryl made a remark about the Duchess Of Cambridge’s chest, confirming that she’s clearly taken a sneaky peek at the royal’s topless pictures online.

Cheryl was being asked about her meeting with Kate Middleton at the Jubilee, which she talks about openly in her new book, ‘Cheryl: My Story’. She says: “We had this amazing moment. She’s so… ordinary! I mean, obviously she isn’t, because she’s a princess, but she’s easy to get along with.”

She then adds: “As for those topless pictures? Disgusting. They were having a private moment and it was absolutely invaded. She does have a great pair of boobs, though, right?”

Cheryl also mentioned Prince Harry‘s naked Vegas scandal, saying: “Well, I mean, it’s not the smartest thing in his position. But didn’t Diana always want them to have normal lives? And you do not get more normal than that. Do you? Taking off your clothes in Vegas…”

Ooh, Cheryl! You little minx… RM