Kate Middleton Must Follow This Rule At Harry And Meghan’s Wedding, Apparently

We had no idea...

By Jenny Proudfoot

From the editors of Marie Claire UK

It was announced this week that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially engaged to be married, with the highly-anticipated news confirmed by the Prince of Wales in a brief statement issued by Clarence House.

The royal couple have since made their first official appearance at Kensington Palace where they posed for photos in the sunken garden and then sat down for a televised interview with the BBC’s Mishal Husain.

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Now that we know the special meaning behind Meghan Markle’s engagement ring and the date of the nuptials has been set for May 2018, speculation is mounting around what we can expect from the big day.

Who will Harry choose as his best man and who will Meghan have as bridesmaids? Will Meghan choose an English or a Canadian designer to create her dress? And will we get a day off work for the royal wedding? (At the moment the government says no, but we’ve still got everything crossed.)

A lot of the focus has surrounded Kate Middleton, whether she’ll be a bridesmaid and if there are any rules she will have to stick to for the big day.

Well as it turns out – yes, there is one big rule that the Duchess of Cambridge must abide by on Prince Harry and Meghan’s big day – but it’s not what we expected.

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As a royal woman, Kate is expected to always wear a hat for formal occasions – and this royal wedding is no exception.

While we all browse hats and fascinators as part of our wedding shopping prep, it is not an option for the duchess, but a strict rule that she has to follow.

It’s a good thing Kate looks great in hats!