Kate Middleton Surprises Fans With Her Behaviour On Her Flight Home To London

Did you ever expect the Duchess of Cambridge to do this?!

Kate Middleton might one of the most polite and gracious royals of our time, but being a member of the royal family and all, she’s not known for being particularly accessible… Until yesterday.

Because the Duchess of Cambridge did the unexpected and boarded a commercial British Airways flight from the Netherlands back to London.

See? She’s totally at-one with the people.

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kate middleton

Kate shocked passengers when she stepped onto a commercial flight from the Netherlands…

Perhaps Kate was drawing inspiration from her former air hostess mum, Carole Middleton, or maybe she simply fancied a reminder of what it felt like to not be the future queen consort, either way, Kate shocked every single passenger on board when she stepped onto the plane yesterday.

Wearing a bespoke ‘vintage style’ pale blue skirt suit by French-born fashion designer Catherine Walker, Kate looked every inch the ladylike beaut she is, topping off with a chic bun and dainty pearl earrings. It even had a whiff of air hostess about it, didn’t it?!

kate middleton

Kate visited the Bouwkeetwork space project in Rotterdam earlier that day…

Unsurprisingly, one passenger noted that they had ‘never seen so many iPhones pop up at once’ as people attempted to get a snap of the Duchess in such a public setting.

So, how did Kate behave once on board? Well, onlookers claim she spoke with a member of her team for the duration of the 50-minute flight, and once the plane had landed, was first to be escorted from the plane.

A car was reportedly waiting for her on the tarmac at London City airport, into which Kate climbed before her fellow passengers left the plane.

Generous, gorgeous and ready to ‘slum it’ in economy class? We think this just made us love her even more.