Kate Middleton Feeling Lonely And “Isolated” Ahead Of Baby Due Date?

Pregnant Kate Middleton is said to be feeling “isolated” as she prepares for the arrival of her and hubby Prince William‘s royal baby on July 13. Aw, we’ll be your mate, Kate!

According to new reports, the 31-year-old Duchess is struggling with the pregnancy pressure as she hasn’t been allowed to prepare for her new role as royal mum-to-be as she would have liked. “The sad thing is that she hasn’t had the opportunity to attend NCT classes with other expectant mums, so she’s been rather isolated”, a source told New! magazine. “She knows all the theory but hasn’t got much of a support network around her of women in a similar situation.” Oh Kate!

The source adds: “She feels very alone because of her royal status. She always knew it would be tough and wanted everything to be as normal as possible – hence hoping to buck tradition and move into her parents’ place.”

At least mum Carole’s on hand to calm down Kate’s baby blues – the source adds that Mummy Middleton is the only one who can “calm Kate down”, and with the news that Kate and Wills are planning to move back into the Middleton’s family home in Berkshire once the royal bundle arrives, we reckon that’s just the place for her.

Kate was recently spotted shopping for baby clothes in luxury Chelsea boutique Bernard Thorp & Co, looking happy and gorgeous in her Asos maternity clothes, so we hope this bout loneliness is just a phase. We’re sure that once the little one arrives, it’ll be nothing but sunshine and rainbows for K-Middy!

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By Robyn Munson

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