Kate Middleton Dubbed ‘Plastic Princess’ By Famous Novelist

Pregnant Kate Middleton has been criticised today by award-winning author Hilary Mantel, who’s described her as a “plastic princess”.

The Duchess Of Cambridge, who will show off her baby bump for the first time at a charity event this morning, was slammed by the writer at a recent British Museum lecture.

She argued that the royal has “no personality of her own” and was ruled by her fashion choices. Ouchy.

Given the fact that Kate is dedicating a large part of her life to supporting major charities, we think that’s a little on the cruel side, Hilary. In fact, we can’t even think of a foot she’s put wrong.

The 60-year-old’s comments have sparked much debate on Twitter, with fellow writers and also fans of the Duchess leaping to her defence.

Hilary also said that Kate had gone from being a “jointed doll on which certain rags are hung” to a woman whose “only point and purpose” was to give birth.

How mean. Don’t expect an invitation to any royal tea parties now, Hils. RM