Kate Middleton Dressed Up As A Baby For Fancy Dress Party

Kate Middleton dressed up as an adult baby for a fancy dress party back in her university days!

A picture has emerged online of the Duchess Of Cambridge with her hair in pigtails, bright red draw-on cheeks, covered in silly string and wearing a teddy bear bib. It. Is. AMAZING.

It was taken at a foam party at St Andrews University back in 2009 when Kate was a student alongside her now-husband, Prince William.

The Duchess is almost unrecognisable in the silly snap.¬†After all, these days she’s groomed to perfection without a hair out of place. She was heard mentioning the costume to a guest at a fundraising party last week, saying: “I think there is a photo of it out there somewhere.”¬†

Of course, Us Weekly then managed to hunt down the picture and give us all a mid-week giggle.

We hope she kept that baby bib… it may come in useful for the royal couple in the future, no? RM