Kate Middleton ‘Does Nothing For Whistles Sales’

Kate Middleton has made M&S’s nude patent shoes become a sell-out, and high street store Reiss have seen a huge surge in sales since the Duchess Of Cambridge started wearing clothes from their range.

But it seems that not everything Kate touches turns to gold. The chief executive of Whistles has revealed that the royal’s style statements have had no effect on their sales whatsoever.

Jane Shepperdson told Business of Fashion magazine: “She wore a blouse [in the royal engagement photos] which was actually from a few seasons ago, which we weren’t running. So in that instance, it raised profile certainly, but it didn’t do anything for sales.”

But that’s not the only item Kate’s worn… surely others have sold out?

She adds: “I suppose the biggest impact has been on a dress she wore at the [Olympic] Closing Ceremony. It’s a style that’s been very successful for us anyway – a printed silk dress. That weekend, we sold out of it. Well, of what we had… I couldn’t say it lifted our total sales by 50 percent that week, because it didn’t. It raises profile, it’s great, we get known in countries we’re not known in. But it’s not going to turn us into a success overnight because she wears it. Fortunately, she looks great in it and it’s a great advert, but no more than that.”

We’ll still be attempting to copy all her outfits. We LOVE her. RM