Kate Middleton DIDN’T Let Slip Sex Of Baby On Grimsby Visit

Kate Middleton didn’t let slip the sex of her baby of her visit to Grimsby last week. Video footage has emerged of the Duchess Of Cambridge chatting to the well wisher who presented her with the teddy bear, and there’s no evidence of Kate suggesting she’d give it to her “daughter”. Oops. 

The crowd member in question who’d given Kate the bear claimed that she responded by saying: “Thank you, I’ll give it to my d…,” before stopping herself. It was thought that Kate had accidentally gone to say “daughter”.

But the footage proves otherwise. In a mobile phone video obtained by The Mirror, the well wisher presents Kate with the bear, saying: “Here you go, Kate, for the baby.”

Kate replies: “Oh is this for us? Thank you so much, that’s very sweet of you.”

So there you have it. There could still be a little prince on his way… yay! RM