Kate Middleton Asked To Be Godmother… But For Who?

Kate Middleton is no longer just a Duchess, wife, charity patron and mum-to-be – she can also add ‘godmother’ to her growing list of titles.

When we heard that Kate had been asked to be a godmum, we must admit, we were a little green with envy. We can’t think of a more amazing woman to guide us through life (and just think of the incredible wardrobe you would inherit!) but it turns out we’d needn’t be jealous of the ‘godchild’ in question. As it’s a ship. Yes, like an actual ship on water.  

Confused? Us too. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has accepted an invitation to be the godmother of Princess Cruises’ new 3,600-passenger ship, The Royal Princess. 

The company’s president and CEO Alan Buckelew said today: “It is a great honour for Princess Cruises that Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge has accepted our invitation to become the Godmother to Royal Princess.

“We are delighted that the Duchess will launch our new ship and can think of no better way to celebrate our company’s British heritage and our commitment to the country.”

There’ll be a blessing and Kate will get to smash a bottle of champers against the ship’s hull, in keeping with tradition, before it’s maiden voyage on 16 June.

We bet she gets free holidays too, the lucky devil.

By Rebecca Martin, 9th April 2013

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