Kate Middleton Applies For Royal Baby George’s First Passport

Kate Middleton has reportedly filed the paperwork for royal baby George’s first passport ahead of her and Prince William‘s royal tour to Australia and New Zealand next year. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to take the future King on his first foreign holiday when they take a trip Down Under next spring as a part of their royal duties, with dad Wills hinting at the last month’s Anglesey Show: “We are all very hopeful of coming to Australia next year.”

The royal couple will be following in Princess Diana of Wales‘ footsteps by taking their heir with them – Lady Di did the same with a 9-month-old William back in 1983 when her and hubby Prince Charles toured Oz.

Two-month-old Georgie has already flown to Scotland with his parents when the trio visited the Queen at her royal estate in Balmoral earlier this month, but he’ll need an official passport for his upcoming Australian adventure.

The document, costing £46, will note his full title – George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

But with royal protocol dictating that Kate, Wills and baby George shouldn’t fly together, we hope at least one of them will be there to hold his little hand during take-off!

By Robyn Munson

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