Kate Middleton Answers The Question On Everyone’s Lips…

Kate Middleton has finally been asked the question pretty much every fashion fanatic in the entire land is dying to know  – what’s her absolute favourite outfit of all time?

Asking the all-important question was 12-year-old school girl Molly Parmeter, who wrote to a whole host of stylish celebs in the hope of finding out what their most treasured wardrobe item was for her super cute book, ‘Molly’s Style Icons.’

So imagine her delight when a very posh-looking letter landed on her doormat in Ireland from the royal style icon herself. 

‘It was a beautiful envelope from Buckingham Palace,’ Molly revealed. So come on, what did the pretty princess have to say for her answer?!

Well, sadly it wasn’t quite the royal revelation we were hoping for. Apparently, Kate replied saying that due to having so many gorgeous designer garbs hanging in her royal wardrobe, she couldn’t possibly choose one item over another.

Oh that’s just mean. Come on Kate, pick us a winner!

By Robyn Munson

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