Kate Middleton And Prince William On Secret Scottish Break

Kate Middleton and Prince William are enjoying a romantic mini-break in Scotland, according to reports.

While Prince Harry is recovering from a messy few days in Vegas, during which he got naked with a bunch of hot ladies, his brother is enjoying a more grown-up holiday.

Prince William has reportedly whisked Kate Middleton off to the Queen’s estate, Balmoral, where they’re enjoying some quality time together before embarking on their Diamond Jubilee Tour. 

Reports state that the royal pair are staying in a quaint little cottage. The editor of Majesty magazine says: “They are both big romantics and like to return to the places that mean a lot to them. I think William will have in mind a romantic night in one of the estate’s more isolated cottages – that is the way they seem to like to spend their special moments.”

No strip billiards, then?

The pair will fly to Singapore next month to represent the Queen. Let’s hope there aren’t any naked hotel room snaps! RM