How To Get A Body Like Kate Hudson In Just 20 Minutes

We all know Kate Hudson has a pretty incredible figure, but what might surprise you is how she maintains her trim and toned physique.

The 36 year old star revealed in an interview with beauty magazine Allure that her exercise routine is not a regimented one, but instead she believes in the theory of ‘little and often’.

Kate Hudson Allure Kate Hudson looking stunning on the cover of Allure


“People think you need two hours a day to do it, and that’s bullshit. If you work out 20 minutes a day in some way, you’re going to see changes,” she said.

And with Hudson’s hectic life as an actress, businesswoman and mother, she has to find creative ways to get her twenty minutes in.

“I’ve had days where I have the kids—Ryder’s on his bike, and I put Bing in a stroller—and I will run and sprint up hills. I do things that people would think look completely insane,” she admitted.

In the same interview the star also revealed that a self-help book is in the pipeline. Hudson explained, “Happiness is not something that just comes to you. It’s an active process. It’s about finding what works for you. And I’ll share the things that have worked for me.”

Kate Hudson Fabletics Kate in her Fabletics gear


The idea for the book came via Fabletics – the athletic wear brand the actress founded in 2013. Hudson loved watching how members on the sites forums encouraged and motivated each other to reach their fitness and life goals. And this sparked the idea for Hudson to create a book of inspirational advice.

Hudson has no plans to be the next Gwyneth though. She confessed that she isn’t interested in becoming a celebrity lifestyle guru, and she is in fact still struggling to deal with her own complicated past. In the very honest interview she also opens up about her difficult childhood, painful divorce and life as a working mum.

By Elizabeth Bennett