Kate And Pippa Middleton Queued From 5am For Wimbledon Tickets!

Pippa Middleton has let slip that her and sister Kate Middleton once spent three hours queuing for Wimbledon tickets, even camping out from 5am to get their hands on them!

Back in the day when the Middletons were just like us (sort of, although probably a bit posher), and didn’t get handed tennis tickets on a plate through their many royal connections, the Duchess of Cambridge – who is currently pregnant with Prince Williams baby – joined sister Pippa to wait in line with the rest of the public.

“[One of my favourite Wimbledon experiences was] queuing from 5am on People’s Sunday in 2004 with my sister for three hours and getting £35 tickets on Centre Court – my first time ever”, 29-year-old Pip told Vanity Fair.

And it seems Kate’s little sister is such a huge Wimbo fan that she once told her family that she wanted to get married in her tennis whites! Rihanna was seen out and about in Paris yesterday rocking a catwalk worthy tennis-inspired Chanel ensemble, so perhaps Pippa could take some fash-spiration from the Bajan superstar…

“I was a tomboy and clearly very determined”, the younger Middleton sister, who is currently dating stockbroker Nico Jackson, recalled. “It was a similar sort of thing when, out of the blue, I stated to my family that if I had to get married, it would be in my tennis whites – shorts with no pleats of frills.”

We love the image of Pip and Kate skipping up the aisle on Pippa’s big day in visors and plimpsols… But somehow, we have a feeling Queenie may object.

By Robyn Munson

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