Kat Von D Is Launching A Pastel Goth Beauty Palette

She teased the new product on Insta…

Tattoo queen Kat Von D’s beauty range has already blown us away. The high quality formulations and slick packaging make them must-have for any beauty lover. And now it looks like she will soon be launching a pastel palette!

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A brand new Kat Von D beauty palette!

The cruelty-free, vegan products are already some of the best in the industry with her palettes have earning a mob-like following thanks. Now the make up genius has revealed a launch none of us thought would happen. Kat, who usually rocks the darkest eye shadow and vampiest lips, took to Instagram to share news of her latest (surprising) new product.

With a video captioned, “Not sure ya’all are ready for this, but I suggest you PREPARE YOURSELF… for the eye shadow palette you thought I’d never make!” the 34-year-old revealed a brand new palette. This time something way brighter and girlier than her other collections!

Kat Von D’s launch will no doubt surprise her fans

Named Pastel Goth, the new palette looks like it will revolutionize the world of vamp beauty. Summer Goths can enjoy a makeover of their own with Kat’s rainbow-themed palette.

Wickedly, Kat kept the contents of the new beauty launch to herself, choosing only to show fans the lid in up-close-and-personal-detail.

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Just last week the news that Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation covers literally everything hit our inbox. A fan tagged the star in a picture showing off two very different looks.

Angelina proved that Lock-It really does cover it all by showing a before and after selfie. In one shot you can clearly see they very large “WAYNE” tattoo above the pretty brunette’s eyebrow. In the second the tatt is gone, covered by Kat’s clever foundation.

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With skills like these, it’s no wonder Kat Von D is taking over the world of beauty!

We can’t wait to see what the inside of her Pastel Goth Palette looks like. And how she herself would wear the shades…

By Ellen Kerry