Karl Lagerfeld Wants To Marry His Cat?

Karl Lagerfeld has always been a bit kooky, but his recent revelation that he adores his pet cat Choupette so much that he wished he could marry her is really something else…

The Chanel designer is so besotted with his furry little friend that he told CNN news he’s disappointed there is “no marriage, yet, for humans and animals.” “I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat”, admitted the 79-year-old about his pampered moggy.

And it looks like Karl really does have it bad. The eccentric creative director also confessed that he’s hired special cat maids to provide round the clock care for 22-month-old Choupette in his Parisian home. On top of this, he’s bought her an iPad, has her brushed and manicured twice a day and regularly lets her dine at the table. Oh, and she has her own Twitter account (@ChoupettesDiary) too. Obviously…

Karl reportedly adopted the Siamese kitty after looking after her for two weeks before refusing to give her back to her then-owners. In a recent interview, cat-mad Karl even got gooey over her coat, carefully describing it as “snow white with touches of caramel around the eyes, ears and on her endless boa-like feather tail.”

The fashionable feline has starred in numerous Chanel shoots, as well as a fashion vid for Net-a-Porter. That’s one cool kitty.

Seeing as Choupette is French for ‘Herby’, maybe her and Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh‘s cute French bulldog should start hanging out? Now that would be a match made in furry fashion heaven…

By Robyn Munson

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