Strictly’s Karen Clifton Finally Talks About Her And Will Young’s Relationship

After rumours that her and Will were fighting behind-the-scenes, Karen has admitted that she's actually spoken to the singer since he quit Strictly Come Dancing...

Strictly Come Dancing’s Karen Clifton has revealed that her and Will Young ‘have been in touch’ since he dramatically quit the show.

It’s not been a very nice time for Will or Karen since the former Pop Idol judge pulled out of the dancing competition, with both being plagued with rumours that their ‘rift’ might have been what caused Will to quit.

But after remaining schtum on the whispers, it sounds like Karen is finally ready to talk. And guess what? There’s absolutely zero bad blood.

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Revealing that her and her former dance partner had ‘have been in touch’, Karen went on to reveal that they’re still friends, despite the rumours.

‘He is doing OK. I really miss him and it’s lovely to still be friends with him’, she told AOL on the red carpet at the UK premiere of new dance show, Burn The Floor – Fire In The Ballroom.

‘It’s all well, it’s all good,’ she added.

Will Young reportedly left Karen hanging over rehearsals whilst he was on Strictly...

Will Young reportedly left Karen hanging over rehearsals whilst he was on Strictly…

At the time, Will cited ‘personal reasons’ as the reason why he decided to call time on his place on Strictly.

But speculation soon emerged that actually, his strained relationship with Karen was what really fuelled his departure.

‘Karen was just doing her job, she was training him hard but in the end he just didn’t want to keep getting told off and corrected all the time’, an insider told The Mirror.

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Karen Clifton and Will Young

‘‘It infuriated him. They squabbled a few times during rehearsals and it left him feeling exhausted’, the source added.

‘He just found the whole process too taxing and didn’t think it was worth such a huge effort.’

Sounds like all is well between Will and Karen after all. Which fills us with rainbows and smiles.