Why The Kardashians’ Reaction To Kim Kardashian’s Paris Attack Is Weird

Now that Kendall Jenner has broken her silence after Kim's violent robbery, some fans are suspicious of how her family have reacted...

Monday was the day that Kim Kardashian will no doubt find seriously hard to forget, as it marked the morning she was robbed by five masked gunmen in her Paris apartment.

The whole ordeal sounded totally terrifying, with the mum-of-two being bound and gagged by five men dressed as policemen, who later made off with $10 million worth of jewellery.

As expected, Kim is said to still be in shock, with a source close to the family telling The Sun: ‘She’s bursting into tears every few minutes – she needs to be with someone all the time.’

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low key look

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But what’s been a little weird is how her family have reacted.

The Kardashian/Jenners are famed for being a tight family unit, and in the past, have been quick to jump on social media to show support for one another following tough break-ups or damaging rumours.

However, following Kim’s violent attack, her sisters have either completely ignored it, or have taken to Instagram to post something totally trivial and unrelated.

Kendall Jenner broke her silence today with a silly snap of her giggling in that fluffy red heart jacket that Rihanna recently wore, captioned: ‘low key look’.

Looking back at Turks

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Kylie Jenner posted a belfie from her birthday holiday to Barbados just a day after Kim’s attack, simply writing: ‘Looking back at Turks’.

Caitlyn came under fire for posting a photo of her and Kylie just hours after Kim was mugged, celebrating a day out at the races, with many Kim fans branding her ‘insensitive’ – although she then followed up with a post acknowledging her step-daughter’s attack.

‘Love my girl! After hearing the full story, I’m so thankful she’s okay. It’s a reminder for us all to be careful in the uncertainty of this world’, Caitlyn wrote.

Now, we’re not saying that they all should have rushed to Instagram with emotional tribute posts to Kim – perhaps the family want to keep their feelings and thoughts private at this time – but it’s a little odd that some of Kim’s sisters are very much sending out the message of ‘business as usual’ at what must be a seriously emotional time for the star right now.

In fact, the Kardashian/Jenners unemotional reactions have led some people to think that the whole thing might have been an elaborate hoax simply to make good TV, in the wake of fledgling ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Us? We’re not that cynical. And our love is firmly with Kim right now.