This Is How The Kardashians Are Said To Have Reacted To Reports About Tristan Thompson

After a string of allegations that he might have 'cheated' on Khloe Kardashian...

When footage started doing the rounds on the internet appearing to show Tristan Thompson getting a little too close to a woman that definitely wasn’t Khloe Kardashian, fans were left heartbroken.

The allegations first surfaced after a video, obtained and published by the Daily Mail, appeared to show the NBA star leaning in closely to talk to a woman, with the report also alleging that they were spotted ‘making out.’

Another video then leaked on TMZ, with further allegations of ‘cheating’ building up against the basketball player.

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Khloe, who is currently pregnant with their first child, has remained silent in the wake of these reports. She is said to be in Cleveland, the home of her partner, preparing to give birth.

According to a report by ET, ‘her family is rallying around her’ as a result of the speculation.

Kris Jenner is said to have rounded everyone up to lend emotional support to the pregnant star, as her due date approaches.

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‘They are so excited for Khloe,’ a source is said to have told the publication. ‘Her sisters are being super supportive of her… her family is rallying around her.’

‘The video hasn’t stopped the Kardashians from making sure her day will be one of love and respect,’ the source added. ‘They won’t let any news change the importance of how beautiful this birth is for Khloe.’

The source also stated that Khloe’s family is trying to keep her from looking at ‘any of the news right now.’

In response to the original video, published to the Daily Mail, a source told ET: ‘The video going around shows Tristan in a loud club briefly talking to a girl, nothing more.

‘Tristan was there for roughly an hour and left with his teammates. Khloe and Tristan are happy and focusing on the birth of their daughter.’