How To Do Christmas *Just* Like The Kardashian Family

1) Get really creative with your Christmas card

We’re talking huge hair, crazy Photoshopped backgrounds and the odd Illuminati reference.

Kardashian Christmas card


2) Buy the biggest tree you can get your hands on

Who cares if it ends up squashed against your ceiling? It’s all about making an impact.

When it comes to colour, keep it minimalistic. But (obvs) decorate with as many baubles/lights/ribbons as possible.

Kris Jenner's Christmas tree


3) Throw a Christmas Eve party your neighbours will talk about for the next 12 months

You’ll need to wear a glamorous plunging gown and offer up around 25 bottles of vodka.

Kris Jenner's Christmas Eve party


4) On the day itself, ensure you’re all wearing matching outfits

That includes pyjamas.




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5) Get nostalgic by posting numerous #TBT snaps on Instagram

Because EVERYONE wants to see your mum’s dodgy 80s perm.



6) Invite as many people as possible

You’re allowed no fewer than 12 people in your house at any one time.

Kardashian/Jenners matching pyjamas


7) Invest in some seriously extravagant presents

Ferraris, designer handbags and Christian Louboutin shoes are all worthy of consideration.

Kylie Jenners's Ferrari


8) Cook up a feast (or get your chef to)

You’ll be expected to provide all the trimmings.

Khloe Kardashian's Thanksgiving food


9) Two words: Table decorations

This will take weeks of planning.

Khloe Kardashian's Thanksgiving table


10) Let the Kanye West of your family give a lengthy speech

If they don’t mention the word ‘blessed’ at least 17 times it hasn’t gone on long enough.

Kanye West


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11) Anticipate at least one major argument

Someone will have lost a diamond earring. Or they’ll have to leave early because they have a shoot in Paris the next day.

Kendall Jenner


12) Hire a photo booth

How else will you remember the events of the day?!

Kardashian photo booth


13) Everyone should give back in some way

Despite your luxurious Christmas, deep down you know it’s not all about you.

Options include volunteering at a local soup kitchen or visiting ill children in hospital.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga


So there you have it. Merry Christmas, Kardashian-ites!