Why We Need To Talk About Kanye West’s Models

Kanye West seems to have some very particular ideas. 

The Yeezy 3 show was always going to be BIG. And the rapper turned fashion designer made sure that his epic production at New York’s Madison Square Garden would be all that anyone was talking about the next morning.

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Congrats, Yeezus, you definitely succeeded. 


But it seems that ‘ye had some pretty specific rules in place to make sure that everything went down the way he wanted. Most particularly, where his model army was concerned. 

A snapshot of the ‘performance list’ was all over Twitter whilst the show was streamed live on Tidal.

There’s every chance that this could be a complete hoax, but if this really was the Yeezy rule book, we can’t help but LOL a little.


The list includes instructions such as ‘no smile’, ‘show pride’, ‘do not take off your clothes or shoes’ (um?) and ‘do not act cool’.

Right then.

Our personal favourite? ‘If you are tired sit down or lye down’.

Spelling mistake aside, we think that some of the models might have taken this to heart (you know, if they’re real).


The internet reacted with a series of memes when rapper Young Thug appeared to fall asleep on the stage during Kanye West’s show.

Refinery29 tweeted, ‘When you’re in a fashion show and you’ve been modeling for an hour and fifteen minutes. #yeezyseason3’.