The Internet Is Already Campaigning For Kanye West To Be President In 2020

With the news that Donald Trump has won this presidential race, Twitter is already looking to what might happen in four years...

Nobody Very few people thought he would manage it, but Donald Trump has won the race and will become the next President of the United States.

Going against opinion polls, celebrity endorsements and the wider world’s general sense of what the future should look like, the former Apprentice star will be given the keys to the White House.

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So, if this is possible, many people have started looking to potential future candidates. Actually, they’re looking to Kanye West. Because, remember that time when he announced his intention to run in 2020?


As one person points out, ‘If Donald Trump did it, what makes you think Kanye West can’t do it in 2020?’

Other tweets include:

(Note: President Kanye West’s framed pictures of Kanye West in the background)

What’s more, some people have even gone as far as to create some campaign material. How considerate.

First up, we have the (unofficial) poster:

And, quite possibly our favourite thing about today, we also have the (unofficial) campaign video:

Yeezy for president?

We guess anything is possible right now…