The REAL Reason Why Kanye West, Justin Bieber And Drake Might Be Boycotting The Grammys

Insiders suggest that these three MASSIVE nominated artists might not even show up this year. Awkward.

Well, this is awkward. According to sources, multi-nominated artists for this year’s Grammy Awards might not even bother to attend the event, choosing to boycott the ceremony on the grounds of it being no longer ‘relevant’.

Website TMZ revealed that Justin Bieber — who has been nominated for four awards, including Album Of The Year for Purpose — has decided to file a no-show because he reportedly feels that the awards are no longer ‘representative or relevant’, especially when it comes to showcasing or rewarding ‘young singers’. Apparently, he’s planning on being somewhere else on the day. Ouch.

Justin Bieber Grammys

JB is taking a rain check

Drake’s eight award nominations also aren’t enough to tempt the Hotline Bling singer to the ceremony. The 30-year-old will actually be on tour in Europe around the date of the Grammys (February 12th), but it’s been reported that he feels the same way as Biebs; that the awards are well, a little outdated.

Drake Hotline Bling

Drake is also reportedly not going to the Grammys

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Kanye West has a long running beef with the Grammys (let’s not forget that painfully awkward incident at the 2015 Grammy awards where he interrupted Beck’s Album of the Year acceptance speech), so we aren’t really surprised that he’s decided to effectively flip the bird at 2017’s celebration – despite having been nominated for eight gongs.

Beck Kanye Grammys

This is still SO hard to watch. Poor Beck.

He’d already threatened to skip the ceremony back in October in protest about pal Frank Ocean’s album Blonde failing to receive a nomination, even though the deadline for submission had effectively passed. In fact, Frank Ocean didn’t even bother to enter his critically acclaimed record into the Grammy ballot because he also believes that the institution is ‘dated’, and not representative of black artists and musicians.

Speaking to the New York Times back in November, Ocean stated:

‘That institution certainly has nostalgic importance. It just doesn’t seem to be representing very well for people who come from where I come from, and hold down what I hold down.’

Frank Ocean joins Kanye and Kim at Paris Fashion Week

Sources close to Kanye have also suggested that his 2017 bow-out could also be racially motivated, with Yeezy allegedly holding the opinion that despite having bagged a staggering 21 awards throughout his career, he’s never won when going up against a white artist.

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Well, well, well. With anti-Trump sentiment stirring up the SAGs and now this proposed Grammy boycott, we think it’s fair to say that the 2107 awards season has gotten off to a rather interesting start. Are the Grammys a bit outdated? Let us know your thoughts.