Kanye West Says He’ll Get Instagram On ‘One Condition’

If you’re all about the fun of following Kanye West on Twitter (and we wouldn’t blame you, his rants can be as entertaining as they are confusing), then we might have some exciting news for you. 

In the Life Of Pablo rapper’s latest string of 140 characters, he’s let slip that he’s seriously considering one of the things that fans have been asking for. 

Yup, Kanye West might be about to launch himself into the world of Instagram


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But, naturally, he has one condition. 

The father-of-two tweeted, ‘I was thinking about getting an Instagram but only on one condition……’

So, what are his terms? 

He says, ‘no one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram… It’s my art…’

We can understand where this concern might be coming from.


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The West’s Twitter account has been the centre of a lot of attention over the past weeks. Following a series of rants, his wife Kim Kardashian stepped in to defend her husband‘s dedication to ‘stand up against the whole world for his creativity and art’.

After dropping the Insta’ news, Kanye then went on to tweet, ‘My tweets are a form of contemporary art only compromised by people trying to tell me what to tweet and not to tweet…’

He finished, ‘Non artist trying to grab the paint brush…’

Um. All we have to say is, we would LOVE to see what Kanye West’s Instagram feed would look like…