Kanye West Has Been ‘Hospitalised’ Following His Latest Rant

Kanye has allegedly made a shock admission into hospital following his bizarre onstage outburst. We hope you're okay, Yeezy...

Can you read Kanye West’s name without seeing the word ‘controversy’?! Allegedly not.

As you may be aware, Kim Kardashian’s husband has been hitting up the headlines lately- after he launched into a bizarre rant during a recent gig, swfitly before cancelling all upcoming tour dates.

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Despite originally assuming Yeezy was simply up to his usual controversial kicks, we were very concerned to hear the events which appear to have followed this.

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It is now being reported that ‘Ye has been ‘hospitalised’ after a ‘disturbance call’ yesterday afternoon- allegedly, for fear of a ‘psychotic breakdown’.

According to BBC News, a police spokesperson has shared that an ‘unamed man’ had been taken into hospital to receive ‘assessment’.

The police spokesperson claimed that they had received a ‘disturbance call’, though did not specifically name Kanye: ‘At 13:20 Pacific Time, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to an unspecified medical aid request’.

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A source revealed to PEOPLE, ‘He is exhausted and currently dealing with sleep deprivation.

‘He went to the hospital at will under the advice of his physician. He’s fine.’

The source reportedly added that ‘he was not restrained’ and that ‘he went freely.’

Two days ago, Kanye had launched into a lengthy rant during one of his Saint Pablo tour dates.

Before cancelling all upcoming tour dates, the father-of-two told the audience of his rift with Beyoncè before urging Jay-Z to call him.

Since this shocking news has broken, fans have been very quick to share their concern for Kanye on Twitter- with #KanyeWest currently trending.

Many have shared their well-wishes, with one fan sharing ‘Hope Kanye gets the help he needs. Mental health amongst men must be discussed more and not ridiculed’.

Another writes, ‘As controversial as #KanyeWest is, I hope everyone set’s aside their views and realizes that mental heath is a difficult and serious issue’.

Our thoughts and kind wishes are with Kanye and his family during this difficult time.
Alice Perry