Kanye West’s Brother Makes A Sad Admission About The Rapper’s State Of Mind

Kanye West's stepbrother claims Kanye was 'fearing for his life' before he was hospitalised...

Kanye West’s stepbrother has broken his silence on the rapper’s hospitalisation. And what he said about Kanye’s current state of mind makes for pretty heartbreaking reading.

Hal Carmichael, whose mum Cheryl used to be married to Kanye’s dad Ray, has spoken out about Kanye being hospitalised, revealing that the 39-year-old has actually been fearing for his life.

So sad.

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Is this the reason why Kanye West was hospitalised?

Explaining that wife Kim Kardashian’s scary robbery in Paris took its toll on the Fade hitmaker, Hal said it made Kanye paranoid about his and his family’s safety.

‘No one thought Paris would happen in a million years and now he’s seen it happen to Kim, it’s traumatising’, he told The Sun Online.

‘Ye is tired, he’s hurt, he feels betrayed and he’s probably feeling depressed.’

Adding that Kanye felt like he couldn’t trust the security guards him and Kim had hired to protect them, Hal went on to say: ‘I think Kanye got to a point when he was fearing for his life and for his family’s safety because of what went down in Paris – I think it took a toll on him.

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Kim has barely been seen in public since her robbery…

‘He ends up walking about worrying and thinking, who’s going to do what to me.’

Scary stuff.

A source close to the family has also backed up Hal’s commented by telling TMZ that Kim’s attack was a large contributor to the star’s ‘breakdown’, along with the emotional anniversary of Kanye’s Donda’s death, which occurred this month.

Saying Kanye was ’emotionally exhausted’ after ‘providing emotional support to his wife who was suffering her own emotional trauma after the Paris robbery’, the insider added that he was now receiving close medical attention.