Did Kady McDermott Just Admit The Truth About Her Rumoured ‘Split’ With Scott?

The Love Island lady had fans worrying about her relationship after a cryptic tweet. But she may have just silenced the 'break-up' rumours...

We’re almost certain that you’ve heard the rumours about Love Island‘s Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas.

Just yesterday, fans were left speculating about whether the pair – who met during last year’s series of the ITV2 show, coming third in the final – had called time on their romance.

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Scott Kady

Scott and Kady became official in the Love Island villa last year…

Rumours were flying that the couple may have ended things, after reports pointed out that 21-year-old Kady had appeared to delete photos of her boyfriend from her Instagram account – despite the fact that we can spy a few there today.

She then posted a cryptic tweet which read: ‘New chapter 📖’ – which Scott proceeded to re-tweet.

Yup. We were all pretty confused, and hoping that it was all just one big misunderstanding.

Today Kady took a guest spot on BBC Breakfast. And, whilst she was there to discuss the effect of social media on young people, she did seem to drop a hint at the status of her relationship.

And it appears to be good news.

Joining hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt, she openly discussed holidays with her boyfriend. See that, BOYFRIEND.

Does that clear things up? We sure hope so.

On the topic of editing social media imagery – which, after all, is what she was there to discuss – she said: ‘My following actually on social media is 90% women so I have girls messaging me all the time, even women up to like 50 or 60, saying I give them motivation.

‘I’m a size 6, I’m very little but I do have stretch marks. There are photos I have uploaded straight from the beach. There are some that might look more ‘perfect’. But there are some, I’m just on holiday with my boyfriend and people like the fact I could have easily downloaded an app, smoothed it over and said I haven’t got stretch marks but I’m very happy with them myself.’

Talking about the ‘pressure’ that some can feel after seeing ‘perfect people’ on their social media feed, Kady added: ‘Some people do edit their photos and some people don’t.

‘I don’t edit my photos but I use filters. If I need to brighten the image. I don”t edit or change my features on my body in any way.’

Happy mind happy life ☀️👙 @bodygoalswithkady

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She continued: ‘I get lots of people message me and say they want to look like me and it does upset me. I always try respond back to people. I also on my Instagram and do Snapchats without a scrap on.

‘I’ve got followers from the age of 11 and so it is so important to me that I don’t edit my photos…’

Her followers were quick to react to her words on Twitter, with comments including: ‘You were so inspiring on @BBCBreakfast today’, ‘People need to remember we watched @kadymcdermottx on love island looking naturally beautiful, filter or no filter this girl is incredible’ and ‘ Well done Kady, you did brilliantly x’.

She sure did.