We’ve Got Worrying News For Love Island’s Scott & Kady

When you think about a Love Island argument, we wouldn’t blame you if your minds instantly went to Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas.

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We mean, it’s safe to say that the pair have had their fair share of ups and downs in the villa.

Remember when this happened?!


They’ve been pretty much inseparable since she entered, taking Scott away from ex-islander Zara Holland (before becoming her BFF) and coupling up at the first opportunity.

They hit a rocky patch when James came along, hoping to sweep her off her feet, and Scott’s brother wasted no time in issuing a warning when he got one-on-one time with him in the pod.

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But it seems that Kady and her man have found their footing over the past few days, with not a tantrum in sight. They even had a talk about whether or not they should make it official, before deciding that they basically are anyway, and that they don’t want to add any pressure with a label just yet.

Proving themselves to be one of the strong couples, they EVEN passed the cook-for-the-rest-of-the-villa test.

Aw. Top marks, guys.

But, wait. Hold that thought. It looks as though there’s a storm on the way (gulp) as the two new fellas BOTH have their eyes on little miss Kady.

Before entering the villa, Troy admitted that he doesn’t think he’ll get on with Scott, because he thinks Kady is pretty fit.


Model Oliver explained, ‘But Kady’s also caught my eye. She’s hard work and I can tell she’s crying out for someone who can actually take control of her.’

And during the last few seconds of last night’s episode, we saw Scott having a heart-to-heart with his lady, asking her to prove her loyalty.

Whoever is in control of Kady’s official Twitter account commented: ‘You all know the name of the game now, newbies come in, they date/get to know Islanders. Doesn’t mean being faithful goes out the window.’

Do you think they’ll make it through the next relationship test?