Do Love Island’s Kady And Scott Have A ‘Game Plan’?

Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas are just so cute.

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Last night, we saw the couple – who have recently made things offish – meet the parents. And it was possibly the most adorable moment so far.

There’s no denying that both Kady and Scott were pretty nervous, both wanting to make a good impression on each other’s parents. Bless.

>How cute were Kady and Scott with their pet dog?!


The nature of the game is to make it through to the end, leaving viewers wondering just how genuine the islander’s feelings are. We’re true romantics here, and we think that all four of the final couples have something pretty special.

But throughout the series, a few reactions on social media have included: ‘Scott has the biggest game plan ..Last week n asks Kady to b his gf … He can see got everyone fooled thinking he’s cute….#loveisland’ and ‘Kady and Scott have such a game plan look at them ffs’ [sic].

But there’s one person that wants to shut down those rumours once and for all.


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Tina Stinnes ended up being really close to Kady before being dumped from the island, which was pretty surprising considering how they met.

But she’s spoken to Digital Spy about Skady, and she’s got all good things to say.

The former Made In Chelsea girl explained, ‘It was very brave of him – he hasn’t had a relationship for six years.’


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Of course, she’s talking about the romantic moment that Scott asked Kady to be his girlfriend through the medium of towels. We cried.

She continued, ‘It was a big thing to do and I’m glad he did it. I don’t think it was part of a gameplan at all – Scott is so into Kady and they have genuine feelings for each other.’

We knew it!