There Was A Petition To Stop Love Island’s Kady From Turning On Christmas Lights

Is this really the spirit of Christmas?

There’s been a big debate surrounding Love Island‘s Kady McDermott over the past few days, and we feel like we need to talk about it.

You might have seen the Good Morning Britain segment earlier this week, which played host to the reality TV star and author/journalist Anna May Mangan.

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If not, let us give you the back story.

The on-screen debate, which also had input from presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, questioned whether it was ‘appropriate’ for Kady to turn on the Christmas lights in her hometown of Welwyn Garden City.

The conversation was sparked after local parents started a petition to get her banned from the duty, which also – sadly – prompted some social media trolling.

Anna, who seemed to back the parents’ opinion, claimed that the nature of Kady’s rise to fame made her a ‘bad role model’ for the children that would be attending the festive event.

It made for pretty uncomfortable viewing. You can watch the full clip here:

Kady – who had originally been asked to switch on the lights as part of her work for a number of children’s charities – appeared on the breakfast show to defend herself, after more than 1,000 complaints resulted in her being dropped.

The 22-year-old explained: ‘When I got asked honestly, as it is an event for all different ages and different types of people, I was quite shocked as well but if anything I was really honoured.’

The LI contestant also went on to explain that she’d experienced nasty comments on social media too. In fact, the comments were so bad that she couldn’t repeat them on a morning show – which is clearly not okay.

Anna then jumped in to claim that her appearance at this family event would have been ‘inappropriate’, and she used the fact that Kady has previously had sex on television to justify her stance.

Kady held her own against the criticism, and has since taken to social media to continue the conversation and also raise the issue of gender discrimination.

‘It’s because I’m a girl. I’m sure none of this would be happening if it was one of the lads from LI. 2017 and still no gender equality,’ she wrote, after finding a photo of her critic, Anna, posing with one of the male contestants.

Viewers also took to Twitter to share their anger at the way she had been treated on the show.

One wrote: ‘Just finished watching GMB with @kadymcdermottx, find it absolutely disgusting that people can be so rude when she’s a successful business woman, every credit to Kady for not snapping at her and keeping her calm.’

‘Feel so bad for this girl. As she said it’s not the Xmas lights that’s the issue it’s the trolling she got from “mums” they should be ashamed of themselves. Bet they wouldn’t say no to a hot male love islander,’ another added.

A third tweet read: ‘The way that @kadymcdermottx was spoken to was just plain rude. Guaranteed if it was one of the boys from the show the interview would of been completely different. Definition of double standards…’

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