Social Media Reacts To Kady’s Love Island Meltdown

It’s safe to say that Kady McDermott was NOT having a good time of it during Love Island last night.

After dumping James and choosing to recouple with ‘my Scott’ (as she put it), the pair’s romantic reunion was cut short by the arrival of two new girls…

Tina has her eyes on Scott Thomas, who’s been with Kady since she arrived

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Natch, Kady got jealous watching her man chat with Tina, but Nathan soon stepped in to give her a pep talk (yes, really). He advised Kady that she should let her guard down in a bid to stop pushing Scott away, and end their bickering.

But when the blonde newbie, who’s been described as Scott’s typical ‘type’, used her almighty powers to put Scott and Kady on a break, Kady seemed to have a hard time sticking to her ‘new’ ways.



After promising ‘fireworks’ if Tina moved in on her man (snap snap), Kady had a little cry before heading into the hideaway with Olivia (who was banished by Liana), but not before she issued a warning to pass on to her new rival. 

She said, ‘Tell Tina, say Kady says you’re a sneaky bitch. In here girls tell each other if you like the man. That’s not how it works in here. And say there will be fireworks when she’s back.’

Once separated from the rest of the villa, the pair had a pamper sesh, but Kady seemed to have a hard time, err, letting go.

And, as if things couldn’t get any worse, Kady had a little tantrum when she spotted Scott and Tina leaving the holiday home for a date.


Viewers reacted to the dramz in a big way, with ‘Kady’ soon trending on Twitter. 

Comments included: ‘Kady is so bad! Scott went through the same thing as her and she’s taking way too far!’ and ‘Kady is so f****** fake. Two days ago she didn’t want Scott but now…… #loveisland’.


But others seemed a little more understanding, with one writing, ‘Every girl would act like Kady if they was in her position don’t even try and deny it…’ [sic].

And most just found it pretty hilarious viewing.

We can’t wait to see what happens tonight…