Justin Timberlake releases Part 2 of The 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake Unveils ‘Hotter, Older, Evil Sister’

Justin Timberlake made his second album release this year today, giving fans yet another party playlist to bust a move to with the second half of his two-part album, The 20/20 Experience

The follow-up to his mega-hit record featuring disco fave Suit And Tie has been described by the man himself as Part 1‘s “hotter, older, evil twin sister”. 

“If you could imagine you’re 16 and she’s everything you thought. She’s Marilyn Monroe and then you meet her older sister,” the 32-year-old revealed to the New York Times when asked about 20/20‘s latest musical drop. 

“Everything that’s dark and wrong about her at that age is why you become infatuated with her.” 

That’s a rather raunchy comparison, Mr Trousersnake! Let’s hope wifey Jessica Biel isn’t one to turn all green-eyed-monster on you or you may find her at home smashing up your sparkly new CD’s…

It seems Part 2 may be taking a more steamy turn than the previous album that featured tear-inducing tracks (remember this Notebook-esque music video for number one hit ‘Mirrors’!?) but it’s not just The 20/20 Experience’s promo trail that Justin’s been busy with.

No, the Tom Ford-loving singer‘s been LOLing it up on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel talking Twitter and making us never want to use a hastag again so if you’re in need of a little light Monday relief get your eyes on the video below, but not before you’ve chuckled your way through Justin Timberlake: 32 Pictures He Wishes We’d Forget!

It’s a laugh a minute with you, eh JT? 

By Claire Blackmore

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