Justin Timberlake really loves onion rings

Justin Timberlake Broke The Law Over… Onion Rings

Justin Timberlake was looking sharp at the LA premiere of his new movie Trouble With The Curve in LA last night, alongside Amy Adams in her scarlet dress.

He dropped by to appear on Jay Leno’s show after walking the red carpet, and confessed that he once broke the law over… er… onion rings.

Justin told Jay: “I’ve gotten a couple of tickets. I had a funny story though in Florida – a state trooper pulled me over in the middle of the day and I had just come from Burger King. One of my favourite things about Burger King is you get onion rings there so I had just chowed down on a bevvy of onion rings. Apparently onion rings get me excited and I wanna drive faster. I was probably driving way too fast and he pulled me over and so he thought I was drunk driving.”

Hang on, Justin, we thought you were “lovin’ it” at McDonalds, not getting onion breath at Burger King…

Cast that thought to the back of your mind and take a look at this hot video of Justin looking good with Amy last night. Gorgeous! BS