Justin Theroux On Why Jennifer Aniston Wasn’t At The Golden Globes

The actor arrived to the after party without a date...

There was a Jennifer Aniston-shaped hole at this year’s Golden Globes.

Husband Justin Theroux, 45, arrived for the HBO after party without his other half. But he wasted no time in explaining why.

The Leftovers actor revealed that his ‘girl’ was watching the events unfold from home – in her PJs, no less – and that he wanted to slip out as soon as possible, in order to join her. Yup, talk about the most ADORABLE #CoupleGoals ever.

Justin Theroux

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Justin explained: ‘I’m actually trying to get home.’ 

He continued, ‘I almost skipped this interview because I got my girl and some friends in their pyjamas who have delayed the show an hour so I can get back and watch the end of it with them.’

Not only did the actor decide against taking a seat with his fellow A-listers to watch the event, hosted in The Beverly Hilton in LA, from the audience, but he also skipped the red carpet.

He told the publication, ‘It’s the first time I’ve come to the show and have not done the red carpet. I just came to present, so I kind of did the dumb thing where I just showed up to present, and you kind of get rushed into the back door.’

Well, considering the gorgeous Jen-An was waiting for him at home, we can hardly blame the guy.