You Won’t *Believe* What Justin Bobby From The Hills Looks Like Now

Justin Bobby of The Hills is totally unrecognisable, and we can't just can't...

Justin Bobby- infamously, ‘a man so great he needed two names’.

Of course, any self-respecting former The Hills fans will know exactly whp we’re talking about.

Yep, the show was a haven of Lauren Conrad wardrobe envy, Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten and Justin Bobby parading around with a blanket on his head. A.k.a everything we could ever want from television, ever.

And, as we’re sure you’ll probably remember, Justin Bobby was pretty darn sexy. Except for when he wouldn’t shower.

Oh, and much to Lauren’s outrage, when he ‘wore combat boots to the beach’.

Because those were kind of not sexy.

Famed for his on/off relationship with Hills royalty, Audrina Patridge, Justin’s motorcycle-riding heart-breaking habits became a prime part of the show during his three year stint.

Justin Bobby

However, after The Hills gang bid their final farewells (with Lauren permanently ‘forgiving and forgetting’ Heidi Montag), Justin Bobby and his combat boots mysteriously vanished off the face of the earth.

However, a full six years after the show finished in 2010, the elusive JB (and his trusty combat boots) have finally been tracked down. Oh, and did we mention that he’s now utterly unrecognisable?


Now a member of ‘heavy rock with a punk rock look’ band Bobbyrock (his words, not ours), Justin Bobby is nothing like how we imagined the 2016 version of him to be. Like, at all.

In fact, it even appears that Justin Bobby has ditched the bad-boy life for GOOD – having recently shared that he currently has ‘no personal life’.

Speaking of his infamous relationship with Audrina, Justin told US Weekly last year: ‘There was a genuine loving friendship with me and Audrina’, which he felt wasn’t actually demonstrated on the show because of ‘fabricated storylines’.

And it looks like Audrina finally managed to move on from Justin, as she has just welcomed baby Kirra into the world with fiancee Corey Bohan.

Oh, and one last thing. Justin’s surname is actually Brescia. *Drops mic*.

Alice Perry