Justin Bieber Sparks A Feminist Debate On Social Media

Justin Bieber posted a naked photo to his 32.5 million followers, and the world reacted accordingly. 

Teenage girls heart’s broke, internet memes followed (naturally), Miley Cyrus photoshopped him a bootay, and the internet pretty much broke. 

There was the Anaconda meme… 

>Instagram: @turnaroundjustin

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The Hills Have Eyes meme… 

>Instagram: @rihbadbitch

The moon landing mooning meme… 

>Instagram: @turnaroundjustin


And so many more. 

But one of the biggest, and perhaps most important, reactions were the comparrions between the Instagram comments his photo received, and those that female celebrities have experienced after posting scantily clad selfies of their own. 

Justin’s photo received a standing ovation from fans, with over 2.1 million likes at last check – that’s a lot of double tapping – and a sea of comments such as ‘OMG YOU ARE SO SEXY’ and ‘I’ll never stop looking’. 



We all remember Nicki Minaj’s unveilling of her Anaconda artwork. In essence, it shows the same thing that Bieber’s snap does – although she is actually wearing underwear – but the abuse that Nicki received on Instagram is in stark contrast. 

Demi Lovato has also been in the firing line, after sharing a photo of herself – looking incredible, we might add – in a simple bralet and cut-off shorts. 

>Picture: moanhowell.tumblr.com 


One Tumblr user created a side-by-side picture to show the drastically different comments. 

Demi’s fans later decided to stick up for the Skyscraper star, with one user saying ‘People were hating and it’s like Justin posted a picture of his butt and Demi isn’t even showing anything here… And people were calling her a slut and they were telling justin to turn around so they could see his d*** and they were dropping heart eye emojis. I don’t get how someone can get away with posting a picture of there ass and then when a girl posts something any they aren’t seven showing anything they get classified as a slut.’

We couldn’t really have put it better ourselves. 

By Laura Jane Turner