Hmm. Has Justin Bieber Messed Up With His New Girlfriend?

He was on holiday with Australian model Sahara Ray just days ago, but now Justin Bieber has been seen with someone else...

Being Justin Bieber is busy work. First he whisked a gaggle of ladies away on holiday to Hawaii, then he found time for some naked swimming with rumoured love interest Sahara Ray. Looks like he moves on quick, though, as another woman has just been spotted leaving his house. Blimey.

The latest lady to have reportedly been spending time with Justin is Sofia Richie, the 17-year-old daughter of Lionel Richie. And it seems that yes, she is the one Justin is looking for. Maybe he thinks she’s three times a lady. OK, sorry, we’ll stop now.


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The Daily Mail has obtained pictures of Sofia leaving Justin’s mansion in Toluca Lake, LA. A few days before that, she was spotted holding hands with Justin in Laguna Beach. So, what’s going here then? Well, our best guess is that Justin is a single bloke, doing the kind of thing that most single blokes do – just with a lot more money for exotic holidays, and a much bigger house.

There’s also another twist in the tale. A week ago, Justin posted a picture of himself and a friend next to a private jet on Instagram. The friend is wearing a Moschino sweater – the same one Sofia was wearing when she was spotted with Justin in Laguna Beach. Ooh.

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What does this all mean? Are they all one big happy group of mates who swap clothes and hang out together in a purely platonic sense? Maybe they’re just trolling us. Or maybe Justin is cultivating his own harem. Who knows?

Sahara Ray’s been quiet on social media since Justin was spotted with another girl, except for a cryptic motivational quote on her Instagram, posted just after Justin and Sofia went to Laguna Beach together. Of course, it could be completely unrelated, or it could be a hint that she’s not happy.


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For now, the mystery continues – who needs Eastenders when we’ve got Biebs’ love life to entertain us, eh?