Justin Bieber Tells Sofia Richie She’s ‘So Pretty’ On Instagram…

Is it a case of return of the ex for the pair?

When Justin Bieber hooked up with Sofia Richie last summer, his Bielebers reacted VERY strongly. Biebs and Richie ended their relationship in September with rumours it had gotten too ‘hot and heavy’ for the singer. Now he’s complimenting her on Instagram. What does this mean!?

bieber sofia richie

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Sofia shared a pic from her stunning shoot with Flaunt magazine on Instagram yesterday and Bieber was among the admirers.

Bieber’s ex is currently dating The Weeknd

Eagle-eyed fans spotted him commenting on the photo and were quick to form their opinions.

Justin’s comment was pretty cute. Asimple,”Ur so pretty” with a sticky-out-tongue emoji. To his many fans this meant A LOT.

Almost instantly the comments started pouring in. Some were positive – “yasss finally he said it guys you made my day I love you” said one fan. Predictably the majority of the comments were on the negative side.

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Does this mean it’s back on with Sofia? Or is Justin just trying to make his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez jealous? The brunette is happily (and publicly) packing on the PDA with The Weeknd at the moment.